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The function of this page is to supply information about the pleomorphic forms observed in live blood: descriptions and, wherever available, photographs of them.

It is presumed that anyone using this resource already has a basic understanding of pleomorphism. Nevertheless, in order to understand some of the explanations and descriptions on this page,  there are some terms that need elucidation.

DIAD is the abbreviation for Differential Isopathic Analysis in Darkfield. EcoBiotics is the process of viewing the human body as an ecological system.(These first two were originally coined in this context by Stuart Grace who has contributed many of the descriptions and  photographs in this compendium. For a more thorough examination of these and related topics, you should visit his site.) Darkfield and light microscopy.

Most of the remaining definitions are from the introductory glossary to Blood Examination in Darkfield according Prof. GŁnther Enderlein, by Dr.Maria M. Bleker, and a few from printed material of Michael Coyle, who until is death in April 2003, was the Founder and Director of Research and Education for NuLife Sciences. Wherever possible, we have attempted to attribute to each individual what s/he has provided.


About Pleomorphism by Dr. Med Maria Bleker, Germany © Copyright 1998 Explore Publications, Inc. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader: get Reader.)

"An Open Letter On Pleomorphic Microbiology Unbundling The Enderlein Legacy", Stuart Grace. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader: get Reader.)

"Comparing Computer Simulations of Fungal Growth With Filamentous Forms Observed in Live Blood", Stuart Grace. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader: get Reader.)

Darkfield Microscopy FUNGUS The species specific understanding of, and difference between bacterial phase and fungal phase developments in blood pictures. ©Copyright 1997 by Michael Coyle, Petaluma, California, USA (Explore Issue: Volume 8, Number 3

Elements of Comparitive Morphology of Bacteria ©Copyright 1955 for the Estate of Professor Dr. GŁnther Enderlein, Germany; excerpted from the book, "Bacteria Cyclogeny" by Professor Dr. GŁnther Enderlein (English version) (Explore Issue: Volume 11, Number 4)

EURO-AMERICAN HEALTH Dennis Myers, M.D. - Robert Miller, D.C.

Peter Schneider's Isopathic / Homeopathic Page

"The Theory of Pleomorphic Provolution Revisiting the Heresy of Spontaneous Generation", Stuart Grace. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader: get Reader.)


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